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PRASOFT is dedicated to deliver top-notch customer service and support as caring for our customers is what we do the best. We continue to raise the bar to ensure our customers are getting the highest quality of both personal and professional attention. Every call receives the same outstanding service, ensuring our customers receive the satisfaction they deserve.

It is our passion and desire for what we do that enables us to deliver on our three core promises – speed, accuracy, and reliability. It is these three core traits that set us apart from our competitors.

Today, information technology is moving away from being a cost center to a strategic asset that is deeply tied to business strategies. We provide our customers with software solutions that incorporate best-of-breed technologies and industry best practices, honed over years of experience working with all sizes of customers. Our core competency lies in enabling organizations to realize the full potential of their IT investments by building business value into technology solutions, and helping them make the critical connect between IT investments and business outcomes.

PRASOFT helps clients manage all aspects of their software portfolio, with the objective of reducing complexity, costs and risks for the client, while increasing the flexibility of their IT landscape to adjust to changing business needs.

From software and hardware procurement to deployment planning, configuration, data center optimization, IT asset management and cloud computing, Prasoft offers custom IT solutions for every aspect of your environment.



To be leaders in setting benchmarks in what we do, where leadership is not being the biggest but the best, in developing our people and their core skills, in the quality of our services and solutions for our customers, in our partnerships with our principals and other vendors and above all creating a happy and sustainable environment for the larger society we serve. We value technology innovation, lifelong learning, and adapting to change to achieve operational efficiency in order to provide the best IT Infrastructure solutions to our clients.

PRASOFT is committed to providing our clients with continuous, expert technology solutions and services to enable you to grow and succeed your business. Our success is dependent on ensuring that all of our clients expand their business presence and enjoy their success across the world. We will excel as a company only after we help our clients’ businesses achieve their business objectives effectively and efficiently.



To enable business transformation and effectiveness by providing customized technology consultancy and integration solutions to our clients that meet their specific needs within their specific timelines and costs.

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