The ever-expanding software market means IT professionals are faced with a dizzying array of products and applications. But how can those products solve real-world business problems? At Prasoft, our experts are here to create solutions that will help our customers operate faster, leaner, and more effectively.

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Open Source & Application Lifecycle


Converged Infrastructure & Storage


Network Management & Infrastructure


Backup & Replication


Virtualization & Cloud


Data Visualization and Analytics


Engineering Application



Business Licensing Applications and Open Source Life cycle

Delivering business software applications via a strong & open source code provides improved flexibility, security, interoperability, and reduced costs. However, Open Source also creates the need for tools to help ensure compliance, security, and functionality during development, deployment, and upgrades.

PRASOFT is one of the leading providers of Software Applications and Licensing labels. We help organizations to effectively eliminate any software licensing issues by providing the right licensing solutions, excellent after-sales service and help manage application usage. Our spectrum of applications includes all suites from leading software providers. We help the organizations meet the requirements of application and their customers by delivering continuous compliance, optimized usage and maximized value.

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Converged Infrastructure & Storage

Converged infrastructure brings together computing resources, storage, and networking to reduce compatibility issues and the total cost of ownership. PRASOFT offers solutions-focused converged infrastructure for servers, software-defined storage, virtualization, and disaster recovery solutions.

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Network Management & Infrastructure

The network is the core of IT infrastructure and is often the most complicated to implement and manage. To ensure availability, IT must have tools to proactively secure and manage the network. Prasoft’s Network Management solution provides security, management, and monitoring to help meet the real-world needs of the always-on data center.

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Backup & Replication

The only true protection for IT servers is a regular Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity plan. Protection for all key systems is critical to the long-term success of the business because disasters come in a variety of sizes. Prasoft’s Backup & Replication solution provides products and services to establish a process, plans, and technology that delivers the right level of protection and resolves a wide variety of possible disasters in the IT environment.

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Virtualisation and Cloud

Businesses and organizations of all sizes are investing in virtualization technologies to help with scalability, security, and management. Prasoft help customers reduce costs, increase security, and reduce IT complexity in areas such as server consolidation and containment, development and test optimization, business continuity and disaster recovery, and desktop manageability and security.

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Data Visualisation and Analytics

Businesses and organizations of all sizes are investing in Data Visualisation & Analytics technologies to visualize large amounts of complex data is easier than poring over spreadsheets or reports. Data visualization is a quick, easy way to convey concepts in a universal manner – and you can experiment with different scenarios by making slight adjustments. Prasoft Data Visualisation Tools will enhance customers to Identify areas that need attention or improvement, clarify which factors influence customer behaviour, help you understand which products to place where and predict sales volumes.

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Creative, Digital Design & Engineering Application

Prasoft is a specialist in creative design & engineering solutions servicing clients across a range of creative & engineering design segments helping to improve their creative digital content, engineering efficiency, support their global footprint and improve their competitiveness. Prasoft is a premier Information Technology Company set up with professionals with over a decade of industry experience addressing customers on creative content applications for creating rich interactive data, helping mechanical & civil industries on the computer aided design and manufacturing.

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Security is a top-of-mind issue for every IT organization today—but to ensure maximum protection, security must be approached in layers. Prasoft leverages multiple industry-leading suppliers to build security solutions that encompass the entire environment from edge to endpoint.

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